WorkDove and FosterThomas: A Strategic Partnership for ADP Users

With the recent announcement that WorkDove and FosterThomas will act as collaborative partners to deliver a revolutionary performance and talent management approach, excitement is in the air. FosterThomas is a leader in the human capital management (HCM) space, specifically focusing on implementation project management and human resources management. WorkDove complements this partnership as a leading performance, talent, and engagement software solution that powers the employee experience to reduce turnover, enhance eNPS, and drive business results. 

A recent ADP Research Institute study discovered a renewed desire for employee career progression and skills development. “Going forward, employers that focus on career progression while retaining and advancing a caring and inclusive workplace culture can better meet the needs of their workforce, both now and in the future, said Nela Richardson, chief economist at ADP. After three years of workplace disruptions due to the effects of the pandemic, it is now time to look ahead to the needs and desires of global employees. FosterThomas and WorkDove collectively aim to provide an enhanced approach that leads the way to the future of work—a future defined by talent development, compensation transparency, and improved flexibility. 

While WorkDove and FosterThomas are independent ADP partners, this new, strategic collaboration will further elevate the ADP client user experience with seamless workforce management and improved employee engagement, leading to higher retention, productivity, and efficiency. The combined expertise of both organizations will provide ADP’s clientele with comprehensive solutions that are no longer fractured or piecemeal. 

WorkDove’s software is synergistic with ADP Performance as WorkDove gives the ability to include its 9-Box Leadership Succession and Individual Development Plan Plus (IDP+) apps individually, or they can be purchased within the ADP Talent Bundle. The Performance Check-In app additionally provides further capabilities and flexibility, allowing more engaging and effective one-on-ones between managers and employees to occur. Through modern APIs, WorkDove seamlessly integrates with ADP Workforce Now® and ADP Workforce Now NextGen®, meaning ADP users can drive retention and engagement and streamline leadership succession through better data and insights.

FosterThomas has been a certified ADP Partner for over 15 years, offering scalable solutions and strategies to ADP and ADP clients. The FosterThomas nationwide team of Implementation Specialists, Project Managers, and Payroll Consultants provide large and small businesses with the customized support they require. Our proven methodology ensures the de-risk of HCM product transition and data integrity, minimizing challenges. FosterThomas consulting services are designed to assist ADP clients in successfully implementing systems and optimizing their capabilities.

Lori Duncan, Senior Director – HCM Project Delivery: “In a day of almost everything being automated, FosterThomas is proud to bring the human element to performance and talent management. By combining forces with WorkDove, a fellow ADP Partner, we can offer a full-service solution to our clients, saving them time and improving efficiency.” 

One Partnership, Two Unique Solutions 

FosterThomas takes a consultative approach and provides client-side implementation project management, personalized practitioner training, change management, system optimization, and payroll consulting. FosterThomas assigns a dedicated Project Team who works in conjunction with ADP, which reduces the time required by your in-house staff and keeps your project moving to ensure your solution is implemented timely and efficiently. Our clients can leverage our consultants’ expertise to gain proactive guidance and benefit from our best practices approach.


“The combination of WorkDove’s stellar performance management software with FosterThomas’ expertise in implementing and maximizing HCM solutions provides businesses with the best of both worlds,” said Nicole O’Brien, Chief Strategy Officer for FosterThomas.


The WorkDove platform empowers customers to align the organization around Core Values and Cascading OKRs/Goals, execute and document regular coaching and development (Check-Ins, IDPs), increase employee engagement and dialogue (employee sentiment/pulse, Recognition, Surveys), automate performance reviews and 360 feedback, and streamline leadership succession (9-box). By combining easy-to-use software with its highly-rated Customer Success Team, WorkDove builds long-lasting customer relationships and quickly becomes crucial to its employees’ workplace experience. 

The heart of this partnership is to take the combined specialties of both organizations and create a robust employee experience that fuels organizational productivity and efficiency. A company’s talent is the biggest factor driving business success, and hiring, engaging, and developing employees along their employment journey is critical. FosterThomas is the leader in HCM Consulting and ADP implementation, and by bringing their expertise alongside our leading SaaS platform, we will power the employee experience for our shared customers,” quotes Sean Fitzgerald, CEO of WorkDove


“We hired FosterThomas with particular objectives, and [their Project Manager] executed all areas where we were looking for assistance. So, would we use FosterThomas again—absolutely.”—SIS/Construct 365 Advanced Labor

“I truly appreciate [FosterThomas] assisting with our implementation. We would not have been able to go live on time without your assistance.”—Iron Woman, a Construct 365 Client 

Filling in HR Gaps, Together

“I firmly believe that effective collaboration with highly skilled and motivated business partners can make a real contribution toward navigating our increasingly complex world of human capital management,” shared Nicole O’Brien, FosterThomas Chief Strategy Officer. Intentionally approaching all client needs with the human element first is a shared passion for WorkDove and FosterThomas. Ultimately, both organizations are in the people business and do not take that privilege for granted. The peace of mind provided by being a “one-stop shop” for ADP users is a breath of fresh air for HR leaders. External partnerships are desirable for shared clients because of the time and effort saved in searching for additional solutions. That time and energy saved translates to more time spent on what HR professionals care about most: their people. FosterThomas and WorkDove are thrilled to be a combined source of ease and efficiency for the “people” people of the global workforce!


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