Join a Great Team!

Our Mission is to bring peace to the workplace by inspiring team members to be their best. We do this by addressing one of the most common challenges organizations have — performance management.

As a high-growth HR tech company, we want to achieve extraordinary results. This will enable us to reward our team members, deliver high returns to our investors and give back to the community.

We are always looking for IDEAL team members to join us (the IDEAL team member, defined by Patrick Lencioni). The IDEAL team member has a balance of humility, hunger, and people smarts.

Core Values

  • Accountability –We deliver on our action plans and are focused on our goals (even when we struggle to achieve desired business results).
  • Candor — We appreciate your thoughts and opinions — You are encouraged to be candid. If we have an issue, we raise it.
  • Grit — Grit is passion and perseverance over the long haul. We are determined to overcome challenges. We push hard, even when it is difficult. “Grit can be developed, but its archenemy is ease. We must assign ourselves difficult tasks to grow grit.”
  • Heart — We have a passion for what we do. We give it everything we have, all the time. We bring our best because we love what we do, and the people we serve.
  • Inclusive — We are all a team. We win together, rejoice together, mourn together regardless of a person’s background. Diversity should be sought and embraced.

Open Positions