360 Degree Feedback Tool

Execute 360 Feedback Reviews That Are Easy To Use

Improve collaboration and help your team members grow with streamlined peer, upward, and external feedback.

Flexible, Streamlined 360 Degree Feedback Software

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Streamline Your 360 Review Process

WorkDove’s user-friendly, comprehensive platform powers 360 peer and manager reviews, while supporting internal and external feedback.

Collaborate 360

Collaborate More Efficiently

Save time and money by automating employee feedback, reminders, approvals/sign offs and much more with one integrated platform.  

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Flexible, Configurable Software

Ensure alignment with your company’s 360 feedback process with flexible templates, customizable questions, and automated workflows.

Gather Peer and Multi-Rater Feedback to Help Team Members Grow

360 Degree Feedback Tool Features

Seamlessly Collect Continuous Feedback and Develop Your Employees

Simple and Automated 360 Review Process

  • Customizable 360 review templates for flexibility
  • Seamlessly request & share feedback
  • Automate workflows

Powerful Reporting & Data Insights

  • Analyze 360 degree feedback with reports and dashboards  
  • Improve employee performance, coaching, and personnel decisions

A Flexible, Configurable 360 Feedback Tool

  • Tailor questions to suit your organization
  • Gather multiple types of employee feedback
  • Select the audience for 360 feedback visibility

Power Growth With Continuous Feedback

Gather valuable input from peers and external sources regarding leadership, team, and individual performance and behaviors. Gather upward feedback, peer feedback, and external feedback to identify areas for improvement and power employee development.  Strengthen the employee experience, engagement, and collaboration. 

Easy To Use, Flexible 360 Reviews

Easily administer and configure your 360 review process with flexible & customizable templates.  Quickly launch 360 reviews and monitor real-time progress that helps managers and HR professionals ensure the timely completion. Effortlessly access 360 review forms, request and share feedback, and streamline workflows with integrated alerts, reminders, and approval processes.

Visualize Data With Powerful Reporting

Access project, individual, or aggregated self and peer 360 degree feedback with summary reports and dashboards.  Filter and analyze data from 360 reviews to improve employee performance, develop your team members, and make informed personnel decisions.

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360 Feedback Tool FAQs

A 360-degree feedback tool collects insights from supervisors, peers, and external stakeholders. This feedback offers a well-rounded view of an individual’s skills, competencies, and workplace behaviors.  The software allows you to create 360 review forms, request & share feedback, handle sign-offs, and monitor progress with intuitive dashboards and reports.

360 Feedback is a valuable tool for everyone. It helps individuals gain insights into their personal development and allows leaders to understand how their peers perceive their team members. This assessment aids in evaluating both current performance and future leadership potential.

Both! WorkDove is flexible so you have the option to determine if you want to collect anonymous or named feedback.

360-degree feedback serves various purposes, including peer reviews, leadership succession planning, and evaluating managers and providing managers data on their direct reports prior to starting a review cycle.

WorkDove streamlines your feedback process, allowing you to manage the entire cycle and collaborate seamlessly across teams. It automates key workflows, including the creation of 360 review forms and the facilitation of feedback requests and sharing. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with our performance reviews for easy access to feedback.

WorkDove offers robust reporting capabilities, enabling you to access powerful reports that visualize project, individual, or aggregated self and peer 360-degree feedback. These reports provide valuable insights for informed decision-making and performance improvement.

A 360 feedback tool is a software application employed by organizations to collect feedback on an individual’s performance from diverse sources such as peers, supervisors, subordinates, and occasionally external stakeholders.

This feedback encompasses various competencies, skills, and behaviors, offering a holistic perspective on an individual’s strengths and areas requiring improvement. The objective of a 360 feedback tool is to provide a comprehensive evaluation extending beyond the viewpoint of a direct supervisor, enabling individuals to gain insights into their professional growth and identify areas for performance enhancement.