Effective Performance Management for Client-Facing Employees

In consulting services, clients are the primary focus. Satisfied employees lead to satisfied clients. Performance management must move at the quick pace of the industry and be attractive to top talent in a highly competitive landscape.

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Goal Management

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Skill-Developing IDPs

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For employees in the consulting sector, performance is directly tied to client outcomes so monitoring and tracking work efforts are essential to success.

Real-Time, Visual Goal Progres

In a sector heavily tied to goals and project completion, visibility into team and employee progress is critical. WorkDove’s goal management tool improves focus and accountability with OKRs and cascading goals that integrate throughout the platform.

One-On-One Check-Ins Made Easy

Consulting employees move quickly and often have distributed work environments, so one-on-ones must be brief, productive, and impactful. WorkDove’s Performance Check-Ins feature provides simple scheduling and agenda setting, automatic reminders, and customizable questions.

Aligned and Continuous Employee Development

Bridging the consulting industry skills gap is no easy task, but it becomes significantly easier with simple tools like WorkDove’s IDP+. Improve documentation and integrate across one system while reducing attrition through consistent career development.

"We've made recognition, performance reviews, check-ins and 9-box talent review accessible within a widely dispersed field organization. It has helped to keep performance, coaching and feedback front-and-center while also helping to develop supervisor capability."
Kelly Gust
CEO, HR Full Circle, Consulting

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Performance Management That Attracts Top Talent

WorkDove began in the consulting industry so our expertise is both personal and passionate. 

Our platform fosters alignment and collaboration by tracking company, department, and individual goals to improve individual and business performance. 

WorkDove believes the employee journey matters, so our platform incorporates customizable IDPs that help employees grow and reach career goals with configurable target development areas, success measures, and clear action items.  

Performance Check-Ins streamline one-on-one meetings that make your team’s day-to-day easier and more efficient with modern, easy-to-use technology.

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Performance Management for Consulting Services

Cascading goals, within the WorkDove platform, are a powerful feature that helps organizations align their objectives from top to bottom. It allows you to share your high-level company goals with your team and then break them down into more specific goals for different departments and individuals.

The goal management method is a systematic approach used to define, track, and achieve objectives effectively. It involves setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, regularly reviewing progress, and adjusting strategies as needed to ensure success.

Check-ins foster alignment and communication between managers and team members, including employee & manager feedback, goal tracking, and pulse checks.  Check-ins and embedded pulse surveys fuel employee engagement, while capturing trends to improve employee retention and development.

Check-ins are initiated by employees and may not always center on performance. They occur more frequently than traditional performance reviews and offer a brief overview of the employee’s overall engagement and developmental requirements. They are meant to create ongoing alignment and provide and opportunity for continuous feedback.

Individual development plans help your team reduce attrition through continuous career development.  An individual development plan is an actionable document that guides employee growth, while outlining career objectives and the steps to achieve them. The plan assesses strengths, identifies areas for improvement, and builds skills to bridge current capabilities and future goals.

A good Individual Development Plan (IDP) is clear, specific, and tailored to the individual’s career goals and development needs. It includes measurable objectives, actionable steps, and timelines for achieving them, with regular reviews and updates to track progress and adapt as necessary.