Employee Survey Tool​

Analyze And Improve Employee Engagement​

Collect employee feedback, analyze data, and improve retention and engagement with out-of-the box or custom survey platform.

Collect Feedback, Analyze, and Take Action

Employee survey tool

Collect Real-Time Employee Feedback

Create custom surveys to collect real-time employee feedback on a range of engagement factors. Continuously monitor employee sentiment and eNPS to proactively take action.

Employee Survey Tool

Analyze Data With Intuitive Visualizations

Utilize robust reporting and interactive dashboards for in-depth data analysis across various groups and departments. Offer employees the option of anonymity to encourage candid feedback and identify critical issues.

Employee survey tool

Take Action To Improve Retention

Harness continuous, real-time insights into employee engagement to transform data into actionable initiatives. Pinpoint specific issues and develop tailored steps to enhance individual employee experiences and foster a positive company culture.

Gain Valuable Insight Into Your Organization With
Custom Surveys and Report

Engagement Survey Tool Features

Collect Employee Feedback, Analyze Data, and Improve Employee Satisfaction

Customized Engagement Surveys

  • Easily measure employee engagement and eNPS
  • Create pre-built or customizable surveys

Powerful Dashboards​

  • Visualize eNPS and engagement data over time 
  • Drill down across employee groups, departments and other factors 
  • Identify issues and discover actionable insights

Create Custom Engagement Surveys

Create custom surveys with ease. Choose between seven different question types, easily preview your survey, and create a custom email notification for your team.

Employee Survey Tool
Dashboard reporting tools

Powerful Employee Engagement Dashboards

Visualize eNPS and engagement data over time and track trends.  Drill down across employee groups, departments, and other factors to reduce employee turnover and improve the employee experience.

Increase Employee Retention

Take action on the data to build a great culture and high-performing team. Coordinate across the organization and help managers stimulate more engaged employees, while striving toward 100% employee satisfaction.

Employee engagement survey

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Employee Survey Tool FAQ

Employee surveys are vital for gaining insights, measuring engagement, identifying trends, and improving the workplace. They enhance satisfaction, foster a positive environment, and inform decisions for the benefit of employees and the organization.

Survey frequency varies by organization, but regular surveys (e.g., annually or quarterly) are recommended. They track trends, address concerns promptly, and help adapt strategies. The ideal frequency may vary, but maintaining a pulse on workforce sentiments is key.

Our survey application provides versatile options, enabling effortless custom survey creation with seven question types. Whether it’s employee engagement or other aspects, our platform simplifies tailored surveys. You can also customize email notifications for your team’s experience enhancement.