Simplified Performance Management for an Ever-Changing Workforce

The telecommunications industry is experiencing challenges with finding qualified talent. Businesses can stand out by offering career advancement, strategic leadership succession planning, and a positive company culture by embracing simplified, user-friendly performance management.

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9-Box Leadership

Powerful and Easy-To-Use 9-Box Leadership Succession

Drive Performance

Drive Performance and Employee Career Growth with Individual Development Plans

Employee Engagement

Increase Employee Engagement With Purposeful Recognition  

Performance Management Features For Telecom Company’s Workplace Needs

Keeping up with an industry in constant motion requires agile technology solutions that grow with your teams. Effective performance management offers intuitive tools that identify potential and develop talent while promoting a culture built on core values.

Continuous Employee Development

Creating pathways to career advancement and developing needed skills are practices more critical than ever in the telecom industry. WorkDove’s customizable IDP+ solution unlocks talent insights with talent review cards that grow with the employee. 

Identify the Next Generation of Talent

With the growth of a retiring telecom workforce comes the need for strategic leadership succession planning. 9-Box by WorkDove calibrates employees across performance and potential and finds your organization’s future leaders.

Drive a Culture of Recognition

An inviting, positive workplace culture speaks volumes to a younger workforce looking for opportunities in the telecom industry. WorkDove’s employee recognition tool integrates with existing systems so employees can recognize team members through our Microsoft Teams™ and Slack integrations, or directly through the WorkDove Recognition app.

"It may seem like it would be difficult to be able to get technicians who are out in the field to be engaged in a performance management system like this, but for us, it was the complete opposite. I set the expectation with a due date that gave them plenty of time to complete their self-assessments. They have embraced the new process and provided great feedback to us about employee satisfaction.”
Tasha Morretto
VP and Chief People Officer for i3 Broadband

See How WorkDove Increases Employee Engagement in the Field

Seamless Performance Management

WorkDove offers one single source of truth for the distinct performance and talent management needs of the telecom industry.

Our platform helps managers retain and develop talent by integrating individual development plans into regular conversations, helping managers become more effective coaches and employees achieve goals.

In an ever-changing industry, WorkDove allows businesses to easily analyze and identify employees who can lead your business through streamlined and automated leadership succession. 

Value-centered recognition drives positive workplace behaviors and improves engagement, productivity, and retention of top talent.

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Performance Management for Telecom

Individual development plans help your team reduce attrition through continuous career development.  An individual development plan is an actionable document that guides employee growth, while outlining career objectives and the steps to achieve them. The plan assesses strengths, identifies areas for improvement, and builds skills to bridge current capabilities and future goals.

This tool offers leadership valuable insights into how management perceives an employee’s potential for future leadership roles. It also helps uncover any potential biases that might affect an individual’s promotion opportunities, contributing to more equitable leadership succession planning.

Employee recognition boosts morale, job satisfaction, and productivity. It also encourages teamwork, helps retain and attract talent, reduces stress, fosters innovation, and increases employee loyalty. In essence, it makes employees happier and benefits the company too.


Core values are not pre-set. Organizations add their own core values and organizational behaviors during onboarding and implementation.  If your company does not have core values today, our onboarding consultants are happy to provide guidance with creating them!