Simple Performance Management for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is fast-paced, safety-focused, and largely comprised of front-line, “deskless” workers. As finding and keeping talent poses a major challenge, agile performance management is a must. 

Global and Domestic Brands Trust WorkDove

1:1 Check-Ins

1:1 Check-Ins that can be completed on the go

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement pulse checks, like Sentiment Analysis and Surveys, to gauge overall satisfaction

Goal Tracking

Goal tracking that ensures distributed workers remain aligned with the mission and vision

Documented performance reviews that highlight employees primed for promotion amidst a retiring workforce

Easy to Use

Simple software with flexible training options

All the Features Your Front-Line Workers Need

WorkDove improves employee performance by providing manufacturing employees & managers with a flexible tool to automate alignment, communication, and feedback.

Streamline Feedback

WorkDove helps employees and managers build high-performing, trusted relationships. Flexible performance check-ins streamline feedback and track sentiment trends and turnover risk, so employees and managers can act.

Analyze Employee Engagement

Capturing manufacturing employees’ feelings about their work can be difficult in a fast-paced & distributed environment. Quick, user-friendly surveys gather relevant insight to improve engagement, retention, and manufacturing operations.  

Align Team Members

With employees spread out in various locations, it is critical to give visibility to company goals. WorkDove’s Goal Management tool tracks goal progress through intuitive integrations.

“Career development is a shared journey of unlocking potential and enabling growth. WorkDove IDP+ tool empowers employees to take action and ownership of their development journey with guidance and support from leaders."
Leadership Development and Organizational Effectiveness Team Manufacturer
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Create Career Paths for Front-Line Technicians

WorkDove helped this manufacturing team provide coaching and development for front-line associates and reduce HR’s workload.

Fast-Paced Performance Management

WorkDove addresses the unique challenges of effective performance management in the manufacturing industry. Our platform helps retain front-line talent by engaging employees with frequent, employee-led performance check-ins that go wherever work takes you. 

WorkDove increases unity and accountability among dispersed team members through in-the-moment goal tracking equipped with automation and visualization. Performance reviews by WorkDove mitigate the common industry problem of ill-informed performance tracking by documenting historical data that showcases the growth and development of individuals and groups.

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Performance Management for Manufacturing

Check-ins are conversations initiated by employees or scheduled at regular intervals between employees and their managers. They serve as a platform for employees to reconnect with their managers, realign their objectives and goals, and create a space for ongoing feedback.

Check-in frequency will differ from organization to organization and even team to team. While we recommend at least once a month, we understand that may not be feasible for all teams and their managers. Some managers and employees may want to reconnect more often, while some teams may feel that less frequent cadences are better suited.

Check-ins foster alignment and communication between managers and team members, including employee & manager feedback, goal tracking, and pulse checks.  Check-ins and embedded pulse surveys fuel employee engagement, while capturing trends to improve employee retention and development.

When an employee completes a check-in, an email notification is sent to the manager containing the employee’s feedback. We recommend that, upon receiving this notification, the employee and manager schedule a meeting to go over the employee’s responses and address any additional feedback as needed.

Gain valuable insights with our reporting features, which enable you to access powerful reports for visualizing company, department, and individual employee sentiment data. Additionally, you can track managerial feedback patterns and response times, providing essential information about manager-employee interactions within your organization.