Performance Check-In

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Performance With Productive 1:1 Meetings

The Performance Check-In tool automates regular communication and feedback between managers and team members.  Align on expectations, track progress, and keep a pulse on employee sentiment.

Flexible, Integrated Software To Power 1:1 Meetings

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Streamline One-On-One Meetings

Software that makes your team’s day-to-day easier and more efficient.  Flexible templates & customization, automated workflows, reminders, and much more.  Migrate from cumbersome systems or paper to a modern, easy-to-use, integrated technology.

1:1 check in

Increase Employee Engagement and Performance With Continuous Feedback

Facilitate regular one-on-one meetings while documenting employee and manager feedback.  Record and track trends in employee sentiment to increase retention, employee satisfaction, and performance.

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Automate Tasks and
Save Time and Money

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Provide the Feedback and Appreciation Team Members Need and Ensure Goals Stay on Track with Check-Ins

Performance Check-In Features

Ensuring Check-Ins Run Smoothly

Simple, Flexible and Automated

  • Automate regular one-on-one meetings 
  • Flexible templates, customizable questions & adjustable check-in cycles

Powerful Reports To Identify At-Risk Employees

  • Record and track real-time employee sentiment & engagement trends
  • Analyze employee sentiment trends across the company and teams

Integrated, Continuous Performance Management

  • Include employee’s goals/OKRs and monitor progress
  • Document employee and manager feedback for continuous feedback and coaching
  • Integrate into the annual/semi-annual performance review process

Facilitate Better Manager & Employee Relationships

Employee-driven check-ins feature customizable questions, flexible scheduling, and goal/OKR tracking. Managers and direct reports can work together to align on expectations, coach towards high performance, and keep a pulse on employee satisfaction.  Increase employee engagement and manage performance with continuous feedback and coaching.

Track Real-Time Employee Sentiment

Record and track trends in employee sentiment to recognize turnover risk and increase retention.  Invest in your employee experience to make retaining and developing talent your competitive advantage.

Powerful Dashboards and Reporting

Quickly drill down and rollup check-in data across the company and teams.  Access check-in statistics to understand the quality of check-ins, including which managers are providing employee feedback and when.  Analyze employee sentiment trends across the company and teams.

Check-Ins Made Easy

Simple scheduling and agenda setting with calendar integration.  Automatic reminders help employees and managers never miss a 1:1 meeting. Adjustable check-in cycles and customizable questions allow for in the moment coaching.  Employee, manager, and private notes that integrate across the system. 

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Performance Check-Ins FAQ

Check-ins are conversations initiated by employees or scheduled at regular intervals between employees and their managers. They serve as a platform for employees to reconnect with their managers, realign their objectives and goals, and create a space for ongoing feedback

Check-ins are initiated by employees and may not always center on performance. They occur more frequently than traditional performance reviews and offer a brief overview of the employee’s overall engagement and developmental requirements. They are meant to create ongoing alignment and provide and opportunity for continuous feedback.

Check-in frequency will differ from organization to organization and even team to team. While we recommend at least once a month, we understand that may not be feasible for all teams and their managers. Some managers and employees may want to reconnect more often, while some teams may feel that less frequent cadences are better suited.

Yes, our check-in app offers the flexibility for each organization to configure the system to gauge employee sentiment during the check-in process. It not only tracks changes in sentiment but also identifies trends over time. This valuable data can be aggregated at both team and organizational levels, empowering managers and executives to take informed actions to retain and nurture talent effectively.

Check-ins foster alignment and communication between managers and team members, including employee & manager feedback, goal tracking, and pulse checks.  Check-ins and embedded pulse surveys fuel employee engagement, while capturing trends to improve employee retention and development.

When an employee completes a check-in, an email notification is sent to the manager containing the employee’s feedback. We recommend that, upon receiving this notification, the employee and manager schedule a meeting to go over the employee’s responses and address any additional feedback as needed.

Gain valuable insights with our reporting features, which enable you to access powerful reports for visualizing company, department, and individual employee sentiment data. Additionally, you can track managerial feedback patterns and response times, providing essential information about manager-employee interactions within your organization.