Performance and Talent Management Software for ADP

WorkDove’s performance & talent management platform integrates with ADP Workforce Now® and ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation. Our platform includes 9-box, performance reviews, individual development plans, check-ins, 360 degree feedback, lite learning management system, goal management, surveys, recognition, and calendar integrations.​

"We wanted to transform performance and talent management into an ROI producing and enjoyable activity. We needed a tool that was easy to use and would encourage our leaders to log in regularly. We needed a documented trail utilizing one-on-one check-ins and, generally, one single source of truth."
Dr. Cheri Plett
Director of Organizationl Development, Valley Strong Credit Union

The Talent Bundle

Easily identify and track movement of potential top talent with WorkDove’s

Pulse check regularly for alignment and goal progression with Check-Ins.

Gain deeper insight with 360 degree feedback.

IDP+ transforms your development plan into a modern coaching tool that empowers employees throughout the journey.

Learn how to connect ADP data with WorkDove

Recruit, retain, and promote healthy, high-performing individuals with a core value-driven approach to performance.QWs