ADP Integration

WorkDove’s performance & talent management platform integrates with ADP Workforce Now® and ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation. Our platform includes 9-box, performance reviews, individual development plans, check-ins, 360 degree feedback, lite learning management system, goal management, surveys, recognition, and calendar integrations.​

"We wanted to transform performance and talent management into an ROI producing and enjoyable activity. We needed a tool that was easy to use and would encourage our leaders to log in regularly. We needed a documented trail utilizing one-on-one check-ins and, generally, one single source of truth."
Dr. Cheri Plett
Director of Organizationl Development, Valley Strong Credit Union

The Talent Bundle

How to use the 9-box grid alongside the performance-values matrix

Easily identify and track movement of potential top talent with WorkDove’s 9-Box.

Pulse check regularly for alignment and goal progression with Performance Check-Ins.

Gain deeper insight with the 360 Degree Feedback Tool.

The Individual Development Plan application transforms your development plan into a modern coaching tool that empowers employees throughout the journey.

Learn how to connect ADP data with WorkDove

Recruit, retain, and promote healthy, high-performing individuals with a core value-driven approach to performance.