Individual Development Plan

Drive Performance and Help Your Employees Grow

Reduce attrition through continuous career development. Transform your individual development plan to help your employees grow and reach career goals.

Help Your Managers Retain & Develop Talent

WorkDove’s individual development plan application empowers employees to achieve meaningful, continuous professional development, fosters career growth opportunities, and helps managers become better coaches.

Collaborate 360

Integrate Individual Development Plans Into Regular Conversations

Integrate target development areas into Performance Check-ins & one-on-one meetings. Help managers become more effective career coaches and employees achieve goals and objectives.

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Use A Single Repository &
Standardized Process

Replace paper or disparate systems with a single source of truth. Avoid the risk of lost progress or knowledge transfer.  Streamline and standardize individual development plans, performance improvement plans, and HR processes.

1:1 check in

Align & Set Clear Development Goals

Create transparency, align around training and development, and document areas for improvement.  Help employees by setting clear expectations and the roadmap for career advancement.

The Employee Journey Matters

IDP Features

Aligns Managers and Employees Across a Plan for Continuous Employee Development

Configurable Development and Personal Improvement Plans

  • Create individual development and personal improvement plans
  • Document specific observations, goals, and required training

Create Talent Review Cards

  • Customize your own talent profile card
  • Talent profiles that grow with the employee

Improve Documentation & Integrate Across One System

  • A single repository of information for HR, managers, and employees
  • Individual development plan integration into Performance Check-ins

Customizable IDP

Help your employees grow and reach career goals with configurable Individual Development Plans that target development areas, highlight success measures, and establish clear action items.  Create PIPs to help an employee meet job standards.

Unlock Talent Insight with Customizable Review Cards

Replace your spreadsheets and disparate systems with a customizable talent review card that provides a view of employees’ strengths, values, risks, and development opportunities.  Generate a visual snapshot of talent profiles and a development plan that grows with the employee.

Improve Documentation & Integrate Across One System

WorkDove provides a single repository of information for HR, managers, and employees so there’s no risk of lost progress or knowledge. Integrate target development areas into regular 1:1 conversations and help managers become more effective career coaches, while reducing attrition through continuous career development.

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Individual Development Plan Frequently Asked Questions

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a valuable tool designed to support employees in their career and personal growth, helping them achieve short and long-term goals while enhancing job performance.

Individual development plans help your team reduce attrition through continuous career development.  An individual development plan is an actionable document that guides employee growth, while outlining career objectives and the steps to achieve them. The plan assesses strengths, identifies areas for improvement, and builds skills to bridge current capabilities and future goals.

IDP+ modernizes the traditional Individual Development Plan (IDP) into a coaching tool that empowers employees with personalized development plans, action items, and success criteria. It also supports managers in documenting concerns, observations, and shared goals. Key features include configurable development plans, accountable improvement plans with ongoing feedback, individual talent profiles, and integrated manager notes.

IDP+ includes Performance Improvement Plans with areas of concern, observations, and goals. These plans facilitate ongoing discussions between managers and employees for continuous development. The tool also allows the recording of past concerns and discussions to provide a comprehensive approach to performance enhancement.

For an Individual Development Plan (IDP), focus on outlining your professional goals, identifying areas for growth and development, and creating actionable steps to achieve those objectives. Incorporate feedback from performance reviews, assessments, and discussions with mentors or supervisors to tailor the plan to your specific needs and aspirations. Regularly review and update your IDP to track progress, adjust goals, and ensure alignment with your career path.

A good Individual Development Plan (IDP) is clear, specific, and tailored to the individual’s career goals and development needs. It includes measurable objectives, actionable steps, and timelines for achieving them, with regular reviews and updates to track progress and adapt as necessary.