Individual Development Plan (Plus)

The Employee Journey Matters!

IDP+ transforms your development plan from manual and uninspiring to a modern coaching tool that empowers your employees along their journey. 

Say goodbye to paper development plans!


Configurable Development and Improvement Plans

Create development plans that target development areas, highlight success measures, and establish clear action items.

Document specific observations, goals, needed training, and more on customizable improvement plans.

Talent Review Card

Generate a visual snapshot of talent profiles that grow with the employee.

Replace your PowerPoint (TM) assessments of employees’ strengths, values, risks, and development opportunities, or customize your own talent profile card.


Manager Notes

No more OneNote (TM) or email storage for manager notes! Give your managers a simple note-taking tool to keep private notes about the employee’s progress all in one place. 

With everything stored in our app, there’s no risk of lost progress or knowledge transfer if reporting structures change. 

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