Performance Management Software

Improve Performance
& Make Talent a Competitive Advantage

Identify your top performers and increase your team’s engagement, retention, and performance. Improve people decisions to drive business results.  

Performance Review Software

Performance review

Streamline performance reviews that align with your organization. 


Flexible software allows you to run performance review cycles that work for your organization.  Customize templates, track real time progress, and use WorkDove’s Performance Values Matrix to visualize employee performance and value fit. Evaluate Workplace satisfaction to identify and develop at-risk employees.

Performance Check-Ins

Performance Management + Performance check-ins

Understand employee engagement and sentiment through check-ins and pulse surveys that improve communication and feedback between managers and team members.


Make performance check-ins more productive and actionable.  Track and align on Goals/OKRs and document employee and manager notes. Listen to your employees, measure employee pulse and sentiment trends, and use powerful reporting to retain top talent.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Feedback and Performance Management

Gather upward feedback, peer feedback, and external feedback to help your team members grow. 


Easily create 360 review forms, request & share feedback, and monitor progress with intuitive dashboards and reports.

Goal Management

Performance Management + Goal Management

Integrate cascading or simple OKRs and goals into performance management for better alignment and accountability.


Track company, department and individual goals.  Integrate goals into performance check-ins & performance reviews to update progress, provide feedback, and align the team.

9-Box Software

WorkDove 9-box leadership succession tool

Identify your organization’s next generation of leadership with a 9-box talent review calibration.


WorkDove’s 9-box helps your team analyze & visualize employee placements across performance and potential.  Powerful drag and drop talent review calibration with report automation to complete your talent review and plan for leadership succession.

Individual Development Plans

WorkDove Individual Development Plan

Transform your individual development plans to help your employees grow and reach career goals. 

Reduce attrition through continuous career development. Create development plans that target development areas, highlight success measures, and establish clear action items.

Employee Recognition Tool

Recognize and celebrate employees directly in WorkDove, Slack, and Microsoft teams.


Celebrate wins and share appreciation and build a healthy culture by recognizing team players based on your core values.

Employee Surveys

employee survey + Performance Management

Gain valuable insight into your organization with custom surveys and reports.  


Measure employee engagement with an eNPS survey, identify areas for improvement, and take action.  Through real-time Pulse, measured through Check-ins, and our Workplace Satisfaction report, identify opportunities to improve employee retention and the employee experience.

Save Time & Money With Flexible, Affordable Performance Management Software

Affordable performance management software

Power the employee experience and improve employee engagement & retention with affordable software.  Buy only the apps that you need (individual or bundle).  Save $1,000s vs alternative performance management solutions.

Streamline your processes and employee experience

Migrate from cumbersome systems or paper to a modern, easy-to-use, integrated technology.  Use software that HR leaders love.  Built with input from leading HR professionals.


Access instant review insights, analysis, and reporting

Generate powerful reports & dashboards to quickly assess if you have the right people in the right seats. Give managers the tools they need to understand how their team is performing and to become better coaches.   Drive employee retention with real-time employee sentiment data.


Powerful, yet simple software

Software made to make your team’s day-to-day easier and more efficient.  Includes flexible templates & customization, automated workflows for hand-offs and sign-offs.  Powerful drag and drop talent review calibration, automated reminders & notifications.

Performance Management Software FAQs

According to the Society of Human Resources Management, performance management is, “the process of maintaining or improving employee job performance through the use of performance assessment tools, coaching and counseling as well as providing continuous feedback.”  It includes various processes and practices aimed at improving employee performance and making sure it matches the organization’s strategic objectives.

A performance management process aligns your workforce with organizational goals and values, bridging the gap between individual growth and company success. It improves employee retention, engagement, and business outcomes. The process includes goal setting, performance monitoring, coaching, employee appraisal, talent review, and employee recognition.

When selecting a performance management system, consider your organization’s specific requirements, like consolidating performance data, goal tracking, feedback documentation, and employee satisfaction monitoring. Choose a versatile, budget-friendly option like WorkDove, offering essential functionality and potential savings of up to $20,000 annually for a 250-employee organization compared to competitors.

Managers and leaders commonly use performance management software. WorkDove Performance Management actively engages employees in overseeing their performance and growth. It incorporates functionalities such as tracking goals and providing feedback, allowing employees to seamlessly interact with the software.

Businesses require a performance management system to synchronize their workforce with strategic objectives, cultivate a culture of ongoing feedback, and improve communication, all essential for driving organizational success and sustainable growth over the long term.

The function of performance management software is to maximize talent utilization by aligning goals, offering performance feedback, and conducting regular detailed work reviews.

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