Goal Management Software

Align Your Team Members With Goals + OKR

Foster alignment and collaborate on company, department, and individual goals.   Integrate goals into performance check-ins and reviews to update progress, improve accountability, provide feedback, and work together to improve individual and business performance.

Improve Performance With Goals + OKRs

process performance review

Visualize Goal Progress

Get real-time goal tracking and progress updates for individuals, teams, and departments with powerful dashboards and reports. 

1:1 check in

Integrate Goals Into Performance Check-ins and Performance Reviews

Embed goals/OKRs into regular performance check-ins, track progress, and create action plans.  Stay on top of at-risk goals, collaborate, improve employee engagement, and coach to drive business results.

automate performance reviews

Collaborate & Track Progress

Save time and money by easily assigning, managing, and updating team and individual goals.   Automatically notify goal owners and contributors and collaborate to achieve success.

Improve focus and accountability with OKRs and cascading goals.

Goal Management Software Features

Align Your Team Around Goals and Achieve Results

Align & Set Goals/OKRs to Improve Results

  • Set company, department, team, and individual goals
  • Use simple goals or cascading goals

Automate and Collaborate

  • Notify and update goal owners and contributors
  • Provide goal feedback, monitor activity logs, create action plans

Integrate Goals Throughout The Platform

  • Increase visibility and take action with Performance Check-ins & Goals
  • Embed goals into performance reviews to measure performance

Align & Set Goals to Improve Results

Align your team members, and track organization, department, team, and individual goals. Connect individual achievements to business outcomes to inspire and engage employees.

Integrate Goals Into Your Daily Workflows & Improve Collaboration

Integrate goals/OKRs into your team’s daily routines to support employees and improve key performance indicators. Manage team and individual goals in performance check-ins.  Update goal progress, provide feedback, align the team, and take action.  Embed goals into performance reviews, add comments on each goal, and limit bias in performance scores.

Visualize and Analyze Goal Progress

Monitor company, department, and individual goals at risk or near completion through user-friendly reporting tools  Access easy to use, powerful dashboards and reporting that show goal progression and attainment for individuals, teams, and departments. Strengthen accountability throughout the organization with real-time updates, data filtering, analysis, and informed decision-making.

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Goal Management Software FAQ

Goal management software, such as WorkDove, is essential for organizations as it enables the effective management of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and goals at various levels. With customization options and robust features, it empowers organizations to align their strategic vision and track progress efficiently.

Goal tracking software is a digital tool designed to help individuals and teams set, monitor, and achieve their objectives efficiently. It typically allows users to define goals, establish key milestones, and track progress in real-time, providing insights into performance and areas for improvement. With features like progress dashboards and automated reminders, goal tracking software enhances accountability and productivity in pursuit of organizational and personal goals.

The goal management method is a systematic approach used to define, track, and achieve objectives effectively. It involves setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, regularly reviewing progress, and adjusting strategies as needed to ensure success.

Using goals, such as in our goals application, offers several benefits to organizations. Goals provide a structured framework for setting and tracking objectives, enhancing clarity and alignment within the organization.

Cascading goals, within the WorkDove platform, are a powerful feature that helps organizations align their objectives from top to bottom. It allows you to share your high-level company goals with your team and then break them down into more specific goals for different departments and individuals.