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WorkDove’s Customers Improve Results with World-Class Employee and Talent Management

"We wanted to transform performance and talent management into an ROI producing and enjoyable activity. We needed a tool that was easy to use and would encourage our leaders to log in regularly. We needed a documented trail utilizing one-on-one check-ins and, generally, one single source of truth."

Dr. Cheri Plett, Director of Organizational Development

"The software has helped us create a common and accurate language for truly measuring performance objectives and core tenants, and the four-block dashboard creates an excellent visual for tracking growth and areas for improvement from review to review."

Sid Mitchener, Senior Managing Partner

"We've made recognition, performance reviews, check-ins and 9-box talent review accessible within a widely dispersed field organization. It has helped to keep performance, coaching and feedback front-and-center while also helping to develop supervisor capability."

Kelly Gust, CEO & Principal Talent Consultant

"Our goal with implementing WorkDove was to allow for an easy to use online tool for reviews. Since the introduction of Work Dove to the organization, annual review submissions have increased and the quality of those reviews have improved as well."

Mallory Hegarty, Human Resources Manager

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