Cutting Edge Performance Management for Finance and Insurance

Top talent is highly coveted in the finance and insurance industries. Organizations in these sectors must be equipped to retain mid-career and upper-level talent, a retiring workforce, and intense competition. High employee engagement and satisfaction can counteract these challenges.

Global and Domestic Brands Trust WorkDove

Performance Check-Ins

Performance Check-Ins help facilitate better Manager & Employee relationships and retain top talent

Cascading Goals

Cascading goals aligned to the organization’s mission

Employee Recognition

Recognition rooted in core values that create a values-driven work culture

All the Features Your Top-Tier Talent Needs

Caring for employees goes beyond competitive pay. It requires tools that boost employee engagement, offer pathways to growth, and foster team unity.

Integrated, Continuous Performance Management

In the competitive finance industry, managers and direct reports can work together in a unified, easy-to-use check-in to align on expectations and coach employees towards high performance. 

Performance check-ins that track trends in employee sentiment help to recognize turnover risk and increase retention in a challenging industry landscape.

Improved Alignment and Collaboration

Via cascading goals, WorkDove helps banks and insurance companies align employees to the mission in a competitive and fast-paced environment. Aligning your team across company, department, and individual goals with the goal management application powers team performance and business outcomes.

Motivating Recognition Program

Finding and retaining top finance and insurance talent is challenging. Celebrate wins and appreciate team members directly through our Microsoft Teams™ and Slack integrations or directly in the WorkDove Recognition app.

“We wanted to transform performance and talent management into an ROI producing and enjoyable activity. We needed a tool that was easy to use and would encourage our leaders to log in regularly. We needed a documented trail utilizing one-on-one check-ins and, generally, one single source of truth."
Dr. Cheri Plett, Valley Strong
Director of Organizational Development

See How WorkDove Provides One Single Source of Truth

Transparent Performance Management

WorkDove is equipped to meet the specific needs of the finance and insurance industries. 

Our employee-driven check-ins streamline coaching and development by capturing employee sentiment and monitoring potential turnover risk in a highly competitive environment. 

WorkDove aligns team members by connecting individual achievements to improved business outcomes, fostering inspiration and engagement with the greater mission. 

Visible public praise helps to create a culture of recognition that stands out in a competitive landscape and improves the overall employee experience.

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Performance Management for Finance

Check-ins are conversations initiated by employees or scheduled at regular intervals between employees and their managers. They serve as a platform for employees to reconnect with their managers, realign their objectives and goals, and create a space for ongoing feedback.

Check-ins foster alignment and communication between managers and team members, including employee & manager feedback, goal tracking, and pulse checks.  Check-ins and embedded pulse surveys fuel employee engagement, while capturing trends to improve employee retention and development.

Cascading goals, within the WorkDove platform, are a powerful feature that helps organizations align their objectives from top to bottom. It allows you to share your high-level company goals with your team and then break them down into more specific goals for different departments and individuals.

Employee recognition boosts morale, job satisfaction, and productivity. It also encourages teamwork, helps retain and attract talent, reduces stress, fosters innovation, and increases employee loyalty. In essence, it makes employees happier and benefits the company too.

Core values are not pre-set. Organizations add their own core values and organizational behaviors during onboarding and implementation.  If your company does not have core values today, our onboarding consultants are happy to provide guidance with creating them!