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Enhance Performance With
Easy To Use Performance Reviews

Streamlined, flexible performance reviews that drive employee growth and business results.

Flexible, Simple Performance Review Software HR Leaders and Employees Love

funnel performance review

Streamline Your Employee Experience

Migrate from cumbersome systems or paper to a modern, easy-to-use, integrated performance management software.

process performance review

Power Your Process With
Flexible Software

Align to your performance review process with flexible templates, customizable questions, and automated workflows.

automate performance reviews

Automate HR Tasks

Save time and money by automating employee performance reviews, reminders, approvals/sign offs and so much more with one integrated platform. 

Experience a Performance Review Process You’ve Always Wanted With Customized Templates and Integrated Views

Performance Review Software Features

Ensuring Reviews Run Smoothly

Simple, Flexible and Automated

  • Flexible templates & customization, configurable performance appraisal cycles
  • Automated workflows, reminders & approvals/sign-offs

Powerful Reports To Increase Retention

  • Identify high performers with the Performance-Values Matrix
  • Improve retention with the Workplace Satisfaction report

One, Integrated Performance
Review Software

  • Integrate employee’s check-ins, goal attainment, feedback, and recognition
  • Overlay performance, value-fit, and workplace satisfaction

Customize Review Templates & Align Your Process

Build performance review templates that are unique to your organization and adapt to your needs.  Determine the questions to include and specify the frequency of the review cycle, whether it’s an annual, semi-annual, or a custom timeframe. Power self-assessments and manager feedback in one integrated view.

Easily Deploy & Track Real-Time Progress

Quickly launch review cycles and monitor real-time cycle progress. Use automated reminders, notifications, and dashboards to help managers and HR ensure timely completion.

Save Time With Integrated Views

Give managers and employees the information they need. Access an employee’s check-ins, goal attainment, peer feedback and recognition on one page. Save time, increase accuracy, and improve the quality of feedback with integrated performance appraisals.

team performance reviews

Compare Performance With The Performance-Values Matrix

Evaluate the performance and value-fit of employees, teams, and managers.  Easily drill down and roll-up the data by department and other factors.  Start your talent review calibration and generate powerful reports to recognize and reward your star employees and quickly assess if you have the right people in the right seats.

Improve Retention & Workplace Satisfaction

Overlay the Performance-Values Matrix with workplace satisfaction to learn if your high performing/value-fit employees are satisfied.  Identify at risk employees and improve retention by analyzing the factors of performance, value-fit, and workplace satisfaction.  Strengthen employee engagement.

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Performance Review Software FAQ

A performance review is a two-way conversation including an employee self-evaluation and manager evaluation of work performance and demonstrating the company’s core values. 

A performance review documents areas an employee is meeting or exceeding job standards, as well as opportunities for improvement. The performance review records employee development opportunities to support an employee’s career growth and contribution to the organization, while setting expectations going forward.

Performance review software is a digital tool designed to facilitate and streamline the process of evaluating an employee’s performance within an organization. It typically includes features for setting goals, providing feedback, tracking progress, and conducting formal assessments.

A performance review program is a structured system implemented by organizations to assess and evaluate employees’ job performance and productivity. It often involves regular feedback sessions, goal setting, and performance appraisal to support employee development and organizational goals.

The software is easy-to-use and streamlines the design, launch, and tracking of the performance review process across review cycles.  The system integrates goals, recognition, 360 feedback, and check-ins alongside the performance review, and has automated reminders and customizable templates. 

To retain and grow your top talent, WorkDove integrates Workplace Satisfaction and the Performance-Values Matrix to fuel your talent review cycle.

No, you can choose to turn off these settings if they don’t align with your review process. However, it’s important to note that without these scores, a Performance Values Matrix won’t be generated.

The Performance Values Matrix (PVM) in WorkDove evaluates employees based on their performance and alignment with cultural values and behaviors. It categorizes employees into different quadrants, helping managers focus their coaching efforts effectively. Scores are calculated to guide individual development and improve overall organizational performance and culture.

While performance review systems have unique features, many can be tailored to align closely with your existing process. With WorkDove, customizable templates and integrated views let you create a process that meets your needs, measuring KPIs, OKRs, competencies, and goals.

WorkDove’s performance review application includes innovative reporting tools, including Performance-Values Matrix for visualizing and evaluating employee performance and value-fit. The Workplace Satisfaction report overlays performance and value-fit with satisfaction metrics to aid talent retention and development.

And, the Leadership Succession Report assesses an employee’s current role, performance, and career advancement potential, promoting strategic talent development and succession planning.

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