Employee Recognition Tool

Recognize And Celebrate Your Employees

Celebrate wins, share appreciation, and build a healthy culture by recognizing team players.  Fuel employee engagement with praise tied to your values and performance.

Praise Employees For Demonstrating Company Values

Employee recognition tool

Integrate Employee Recognition

Integrate recognition into performance reviews.  Recognize employees through MS™ teams, Slack, or WorkDove.


Drive A Culture of Recognition

Visible public praise creates a culture of celebrating and recognizing your employees within your work environment.  Improve the employee experience with a culture of core value alignment, high performance, and appreciation.

Employee recognition tool

Increase Employee Engagement

Record and track  who gives and receives recognition.  Put your employee recognition program front and center to increase retention, employee satisfaction, and performance by recognizing your employees.

Celebrate Wins and Share Employee Appreciation

Employee Recognition Tool Features

A Recognition Tool that Integrates Into Your Company Workflows to Celebrate Performance and Value Alignment and Fuel Employee Engagement.

Improve Engagement, Productivity, and Retention

  • Recognize & celebrate your team members to increase connection, loyalty, and results
  • Keep in-office and remote teams more connected with a tool that streamlines positive feedback and recognition

Value-Centered Recognition

  • Align recognition to your core values to reinforce culture
  • Recognize value-centered performance via MS Teams, Slack, or the WorkDove app

Integrate An Employee Recognition Tool With Existing Systems

Recognize team members directly through our Microsoft Teams™ and Slack integrations. See everything your employee has been recognized for throughout the year directly within their performance review. Help your employees’ achievements get visibility.

Recognize Team Members

Build a healthy culture by recognizing team players based on your core values. Celebrate wins and appreciate others for displaying great workplace behaviors.

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Employee recognition boosts morale, job satisfaction, and productivity. It also encourages teamwork, helps retain and attract talent, reduces stress, fosters innovation, and increases employee loyalty. In essence, it makes employees happier and benefits the company too

Recognition within a company is not limited to a specific group or level of employees; it is intended to be a company-wide practice. This means that anyone within the organization, regardless of their role or position, has the ability and the opportunity to recognize an employee, team, or even department.

Yes, you have the ability to recognize multiple employees, and even teams or departments.

Core values are not pre-set. Organizations add their own core values and organizational behaviors during onboarding and implementation.  If your company does not have core values today, our onboarding consultants are happy to provide guidance with creating them!