Performance Reviews

Performance review phrase examples

60 Best Performance Review Phrase Examples

Managers and employees alike rarely get excited about performance reviews. Sometimes managers lack the confidence to effectively share helpful feedback. In some cases, employees are

Employee Performance Evaluation

Employee Performance Evaluation Best Practices

A recent survey by Leadership IQ highlighted that 42% of organizations identified a surprising trend: high-performing employees showed lower engagement compared to their lower-performing colleagues.

How to Make Manager & Employee Check-Ins Effective

Effective Manager and Employee Check-In Webinar

  Webinar Overview  Our most recent webinar with focuses on employee check-ins and their impact on the overall Performance Review process. The Great Resignation/Re-Shuffle

How to Combat Rater Bias in Performance Reviews

Ratings, scoring, and assessments of people don’t tend to invite warm, fuzzy feelings in most.  On the contrary, negative connotations often emerge including disdain, judgment,

What if performance reviews could engage team members to be their best? Here are practical strategies to make performance reviews more positive!

14 Must-Try Performance Review Tips

It’s that time again- performance review time. Whether you are a manager or employee, this time of year likely does not bring overwhelming feelings of joy.

How a Great Manager Inspired Me

What would you rather hear from your manager: “Can I help?” or “How can I best help you?” One invites a yes or no answer,

How to Run a Meeting in 3 Steps

I can’t count how many articles and posts there are about “How to Facilitate an Effective Meeting,” yet we so rarely see it done well.