Leadership Agenda Template

Leadership Planning Agenda and Action Plans

As leaders, you gain valuable insight into the performance and culture of your organization from employees’ feedback during the review process. Whether your organization is on a quarterly, semi-annual or other review frequency, it is critical to process all you learn.

Leadership Planning meetings don’t have to overwhelming. The goal is to process the feedback, capture take aways, and take action as needed to continue to move your organization forward.

In order to host an effective meeting at the end of every cycle, we have created an agenda template.

Copy and paste this into the Agenda section of your meeting. You can then edit the agenda items to make it your own.


Leadership Planning Sample Agenda

  1. Best Thing (1 Personal / 1 Company)
  2. Review Scorecard performance
  3. Review last period’s action plans & personal rocks
    1. Add action plans…
  4. Assess leadership effectiveness
    1. Earning the “Will” of our team
    2. Communicating clearly & wisely
    3. Holding the team accountable
  5. Assess competitive strategy
    1. Value Proposition
    2. Marketing – Lead Generation
  6. Assess core business functions (People, Process & Technology)
    1. Sales (Business Development and Customer Acquisition)
    2. Operations (Delivery & Customer Service)
    3. Finance (Reporting & Capital Requirements)
  7. Issues / Challenges / Opportunities (What can we do better?)
    1. Identify & prioritize before discussing; Solve & create action plans
  8. Personal Rocks for the next 90-Days
  9. Most valuable take a way


WorkDove System Checklist


  • Accountability Chart (Today versus Tomorrow)
  • Role Expectations (Behaviors & Performance)
  • Employee Coaching
  • Right People / Right Seats (Training needs, Personnel changes & hiring needs)


  • Core business functions defined, documented and used for training
  • Scorecard that identifies Key Performance Indicators to gauge company performance
  • Continuous Improvement – How can we improve our core processes (i.e., Apps / Systems to support processes).


  • Unique Value Proposition defined
  • Internal Business Model to improve our competitive advantage
  • Marketing Plan (Key messages, Where to communicate, Budget & ROI tracking)

Action Plan Tips

  1. Create action plans based on the Issues / Challenges / Opportunities identified.
    • Assign primary person responsible with a time frame for completion
  2. Create personal rocks for each leadership team member to continuously improve the leader’s value to the organization.

Weekly Touchpoint Tips

Meeting weekly for 10 – 15 minutes provides both managers and employees the chance to ensure they are aligned.

We recommend weekly touchpoint meetings with each employee. Make the most of the meeting by focusing on three simple things:

  1. Accomplishments
  2. Priorities
  3. How can I help?