Improve Human Resource Management by Complementing Your HRIS/HCM System

Many HRIS/HCM systems offer performance management modules but lack talent management expertise. Complement HR management with WorkDove talent management.

In an age of organizations reducing their digital footprint, many HRIS and HCM systems offer performance management modules to keep human resource needs in one place. Though this attempt to consolidate systems may save some money, many HR leaders have shared that these modules greatly need to improve in the area of talent management. 

WorkDove addresses these challenges by offering seamless integrations with virtually any HRIS. In addition, we complement your HRIS/HCM platform and existing processes with a best-in-class talent management bundle. This talent bundle helps your organization power the employee experience, including a company’s ability to identify, develop, engage, and promote employees and future leaders.

The Talent Bundle: The complement to your performance management module(s)

A traditional performance management module will include performance reviews, cascading goals, one-to-one check-in components, and peer recognition. Whether you are happy with the performance management module offered in your HRIS or need a third-party solution, both parties know there is a massive gap in talent management functionality. Once organizations are confident in their performance management practices, they move past that solid foundation, developing their talent and working to attract the talent they want. Unfortunately, this is where most performance management modules miss the mark and where WorkDove fills the gap. Talent management complements performance management by allowing you to use the data gathered from measuring performance to identify, coach, and develop internal talent. Your strategic investment in your talent becomes quite attractive to those on the outside seeking a development-focused culture. WorkDove’s Talent Bundle further elevates the work you put into performance practices through 4 applications: 9-box leadership succession planning tool, 360-Degree Feedback, Individual Development Plan Plus (IDP+), and manager and employee Check-Ins

Seamless Integrations

With WorkDove, you can access and easily update your users’ information through seamless API and SFTP integrations. Because integration with your current HRIS/HCM is so vital to the success of your performance and talent programs, we integrate with virtually any system, such as ADP, UKG, Bamboo HR, and more. WorkDove is a Gold partner in the ADP Marketplace and offers API integration with ADP WorkForce Now® and WorkForce Next Gen®. HR administration and performance/talent management are separate functions, but they do not have to be separate systems that do not communicate. Instead, aligning the two strategies creates an experience that eliminates duplicate work for the administrator(s) and produces one clear path for the employee experience and journey.

What differentiates WorkDove from the rest?

Because organizations are all at different places on the road to performance and talent management, the Talent Bundle is offered a la carte. Thus, you only purchase the applications you need when you need them.

WorkDove is passionate about offering training and support from the Sales process and beyond throughout your time with us. This includes a dedicated onboarding team, continual Customer Success touchpoints, an extensive knowledge base, customer-only webinars, and live Support available to all users. 

Our 9-Box leadership succession planning tool is the best on the market because it is the most user-friendly tool currently offered and the closest match to HR best practices. With real-time drag-and-drop capabilities that emphasize face-to-face conversations, this tool increases accountability and decreases the time spent on data collection and aggregation. 

We offer significant cost savings relative to our competitors. In a one-to-one comparison with Lattice, for example, you receive an estimated cost saving of about $5K per 100 software users.  

Our strong partnership with ADP as a Gold Partner allows for a plug-and-play integration experience through the ADP API connector. For ADP users, this means your initial launch with us could not be simpler and that WorkDove will grow with you amidst every organizational change. 

Intrigued by how WorkDove can speak directly to your HRIS and enhance talent management processes?