9-Box: Decrease Bias, and Increase Speed and Accuracy


Webinar Overview 

What is leadership succession planning?


Leadership succession planning, while largely defined by the organization practicing it, is the planned practice of identifying future leaders within an organization. 


Without a strategy in place for business continuity, organizations run the risk of losing a braintrust of highly valuable resources, knowledge, and processes when that individual who housed the information leaves. 


In fact, research states that the cost of unnecessary and unplanned hiring, training, and loss of revenue comes to a rough total of $112 Billion lost in the US alone. A lack of succession planning may also lead to disengagement of employees and losing those star employees who are struggling to see a viable career growth path. 


In this session, attendees will be refreshed on both the 9-Box and Performance-Values Matrix methodologies, be provided with best practices for completing both, and be introduced to a new and innovative way to combine the exercises and therefore maximize the efficacy of the 9-Box and its data.


HR professionals will walk away from this session with an understanding of how to more clearly define leadership competencies and the measurement scale to ensure leaders in the organization are given the necessary tools to provide more objective and less biased rating. 


Managers in this session will leave with further clarity on how to speed up the 9-Box process by focusing on their high performing, high cultural fit employees using the Performance-Values Matrix. The webinar also spends time on how Managers can make more accurate leadership decisions using historical data for trends analysis over time. 


Attendees will be provided with access to free resources, such as the Performance-Values Matrix and the 9-Box template, to help them put into practice the methodologies learned in the session. All will leave the session with a new, logical approach to a more seasoned tool for leadership succession planning and overall talent development.

Learning Objectives: 

  • How to effectively use a new and logical approach to the 9-Box leadership succession planning tool
  • How to mitigate inherent flaws in the 9-Box methodology by combining it with the Performance-Values Matrix
  • Best practices and ongoing training for the efficacy of both methodologies, whether used separately or together 

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