3 Tips for Measuring Employee Sentiment: How to Achieve a Higher eNPS

The eNPS has been a highly sought after metric since its inception in 2003. In recent years, it has evolved into its own identity, integrated into onboarding programs, yearly surveys, and more. But what exactly is it and why should we strive for a higher score?

At its core, eNPS reflects employee engagement and sentiment – a simple yet accurate reflection of your organization’s promoters, neutrals, and detractors. Based on a single question – “How likely are you to recommend to others that our organization is a great place to work?” – the score uncovers potential areas for improvement and provides insight into the potential focuses areas and employee conversations that can make improvements. Because the eNPS is an indicator of employee engagement, we believe (and you should, too) that what leads your employees to their responses is highly important. The WorkDove platform has 3 separate, embedded functionalities for checking in on employee sentiment in real-time throughout the year, as opposed to doing so just during the performance review or annual survey.

Employee Sentiment Analysis

As the age-old saying goes, we are human beings, not human doings. For managers who are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities, it can be challenging to connect with the human aspect of their employees beyond their work performance, or their “doing”. To tackle this issue and create a space for employees to share their thoughts, WorkDove’s Check-In Sentiment Analysis feature was born. Our best-in-class customers, who create highly engaged employees, have limited turnover and use their talent as a competitive advantage. They not only conduct regular Check-Ins but also incorporate Pulse/Employee Sentiment into the Check-In.

Within the Check-In feature, there is a Pulse tab that asks the question, “How are you feeling lately?” and it offers responses ranging from Not Okay to Great, each with a corresponding smiley face. Additionally, the feature generates a Pulse report that captures the employee’s most recent response, highlights trends, and provides an average pulse based on the last 3 updates. Managers are encouraged to review the report and discuss the employee’s response during each Check-In meeting. By scheduling these meetings regularly (we recommend monthly at the very least), you can ensure that your employees’ overall sentiment is being tracked and addressed. In addition to providing valuable insights in conjunction with your eNPS, this will also help your employees feel valued, heard, and appreciated!

Measuring Workplace Satisfaction

Because performance review time has a way of prompting employees to reflect, it makes it an ideal time to gauge workplace satisfaction. To truly understand workplace satisfaction, it’s important to define it clearly. WorkDove’s optional Satisfaction tab in the Performance Review software does that by breaking it down into 2 open-ended questions: 1) What could improve your workplace satisfaction? and 2) What did your manager and/or company do to help you feel appreciated? Along with a rating scale question that ranges from Very Pleased to Frustrated, managers are coached during implementation to delve deeper into these responses during review conversations. Enabling this option generates a Workplace Satisfaction report that can be filtered by performance review cycle. This detailed report provides a visual breakdown of respondents by percentage that correlate with their final performance scores and shows how each individual responded to the open-ended questions. While this report should not be the sole source of satisfaction data, it provides valuable insights that can be used to follow-up with employees that are not satisfied, learn from highly satisfied employees, coach managers on how to have purposeful conversations, and identify any noticeable trends that should be addressed.

Survey Builder

Though surveys should not be the ultimate source for gathering sentiment information, they can still be a great secondary option. With WorkDove’s employee survey tool, you have the power to craft your own survey, modify the email template that it sends out, and select the individuals or groups you wish to participate. However, it’s important to keep in mind that survey fatigue is a real issue, especially if you’ve recently sent out an eNPS survey to determine your organization’s score. To combat this, keep your follow-up survey short and to the point. Our survey results synthesize each answer by sharing percentages while keeping individuals anonymous (if preferred). For a science-based approach to truly understanding your employees’ engagement, we recommend using the Gallup Q12 survey questions.

WorkDove is equipped with everything you need to naturally weave employee sentiment discussions into your everyday workflows. Your intentionality behind these discussions breeds confidence in your employees that you genuinely care about “the being” behind the human and are invested in keeping and developing your organization’s talent. These conversation points will lead you to a higher employee Net Promoter Score because employees will be more inclined to share that their organization is a great place to work. It is important to keep in mind that a high eNPS is not the ultimate victory. Employees who feel valued, are engaged in their roles, believe in the mission and vision, and are proud to say where they work- THAT is what we help power for our customers in the WorkDove platform!

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