A Step by Step Guide to Performance Reviews That Don’t Suck

Though we may feel we have advanced past the basics of a performance review, in reality, many organizations and their managers still struggle with making this experience a helpful and productive one versus an ineffective and sometimes demoralizing one.

Just like a sports team consistently runs drills and fundamentals to stay sharp and at the top of their game, HR Professionals, managers, and employees alike must be reacquainted regularly with the fundamentals of building, conducting, and administering an ROI and data-producing performance review conversation.  Continuing education for performance management is a real thing!

In this webinar, you will learn:

1) What should and should not be included in a performance review
2) A step-by-step talk track for managers when conducting the review, and
3) How to set the stage for the next steps, so the review is a “jumping-off point” for the future of the organization AND the employee.

We know that time and investment can be challenging for these which is why our primary goal is to the power in your hands!

You can download the slides here.

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