Effective Manager and Employee Check-In Webinar


Webinar Overview 

Our most recent webinar with HR.com focuses on employee check-ins and their impact on the overall Performance Review process.

The Great Resignation/Re-Shuffle has made it more critical than ever to check in with your employees because if you’re not, there’s likely another company that is.

Your employees need to:

  • feel CONNECTED
  • feel HEARD
  • be CLEAR on what they’re supposed to be working on
  • UNDERSTAND that they are an essential part of the company and do something that MATTERS.

Maintaining regular check-ins leads to:

  • Higher employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Faster goal progression
  • Behavioral and core value alignment. 



Following a 12-month cycle, with monthly or quarterly check-ins, is the key to making the most of the process and achieving the goals and results you’re looking for. Before getting to the 120-day Performance Review cycle, it’s essential to lay the groundwork for maximum results. That doesn’t stop at the Performance Review as you’ll want to continue your check-ins, new performance reviews and goals, and ongoing performance management. 

Following these principles will increase coaching, performance-based objectives like KPI’s and shape your behavior/core values discussions. With our Check-In App, we replace spreadsheets and multiple documents with an easy application for you and your teams to work inside, track progress and get full transparency into the entire process.

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