The Four Disciplines of Execution

A synopsis of Franklin Covey’s approach to Execution
Successful companies are usually a by-product of a winning Strategy and effective Execution. While this is a common thought, many organizations struggle with the Execution side. Talented individuals often don’t lack good ideas but many struggle executing the ideas. This is because it takes more than intellectual insight to build a successful organization.
In the Franklin Covey Video (Execution Overview), Chris McChesney discusses the Four Disciplines for Successful Execution.  These Disciplines include:
1.  Define what is Wildly Important (limit these goals to no more than 3).
Key Notes:
  • Maintaining focus on just a few key goals will help you make better decisions and increase your chance of success.
  • Avoid chasing the next new opportunity if it does not align with your Vision


2.  Focus on the Key Measures and Activities to achieve the Wildly Important Goals
Key Notes:
  • Determine activities that will help you achieve your goals.  For example, if your goal is to increase sales, develop marketing activities that will generate qualified leads.
  • Establish key metrics for these activities to measure effectiveness


3.  Develop and track a Scoreboard tied to the Goals and Key Measures
Key Notes:
  • Inspect what you expect.  A Scoreboard helps you maintain focus on activities that produce results.
  • Monitor goals through goal management software


4.  Facilitate Weekly Meetings to Ensure Accountability
Key Notes:
  • A brief weekly meeting with the following Agenda helps build and maintain accountability throughout the team.  The Agenda includes:
    • Report on commitments made the prior week
    • Evaluate the Scoreboard — Are we on track?
    • Each team member picks 2 or 3 things he or she can do this coming week to affect the Scoreboard
Franklin Covey’s approach to the Four Disciplines of Execution almost mirrors the process Performance Culture developed for its clients.  The web-based performance management software includes easy to use templates that can be tracked and measured.  
In addition to Goal management and Weekly Leadership Meeting Agendas, the system includes a way for managers to evaluate and coach employees on both performance and behaviors — Behaviors that define your Core Values.