Individual Performance Plans (IDP)+ for WorkDove

Regardless of the industry or role, every professional desires a clear path to growth. Passively managing employees without investing in their career or developing their strengths will most likely result in low engagement, dissatisfaction with their work, and, eventually, resignation.

WorkDove just announced a new app, the Individual Development Plan (Plus), or IDP+, to fulfill your employee development needs. Perhaps you have already implemented IDPs at your own organization, but you are finding they are manual and uninspiring for the manager and the employee. WorkDove’s IDP+ transforms your development plan into a modern coaching tool that empowers employees along their entire journey. No more paper development plans!

What Makes IDP+ Effective?

Development and Improvement Plans

IDP+ allows you to create development plans that target specific development areas, like leadership or conflict resolution, and establish clear action items. The customizable format also highlights what success in each development area looks like so employees have something tangible to strive toward. The IDP+ improvement plans document areas of concern, observations, and goals for both manager and employee to revisit and discuss often.

Talent Profiles

The talent review card showcases each employee’s strengths, values, risks, and opportunities in a holistic, easy-to-read visual snapshot. These talent profiles are designed to grow and change like your employees.

Manager Notes

Individual development plans are designed to serve employees and are also an effective coaching tool for managers. Manager notes allow your people leaders to keep private notes about employees’ progress all in one place without the risk of lost progress or knowledge transfer if/when restructuring happens. IDP+ gives managers ownership of their direct reports’ development and encourages them to refine their unique talents actively.

Investment in professional development can make or break an individual’s experience with their organization. Give your employees the gift of inspiring, talent-driven professional development. Because that is what every employee deserves!

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