Data driven decisions: Making Performance management more than just another to-do

Webinar Overview:

Organizations with high performance cultures have four things in common: the right people in the right seats, well defined and effective processes, niche strategies that allow them to stand out from their competitors, and leaders that earn the will of their team, communicate clearly and wisely, and hold self and team members accountable.

The foundation for all of this is PEOPLE. Better teams achieve better results, and HR has the important task of helping this become a reality in their organization.

HR Leaders and Executives are desperate for a simple way to identify and reward top performers, coach and elevate team members to become their best, and shed the dead weight of toxic, under-performing employees that hold everyone back.

The Performance-Values Matrix is THE answer for making this happen.

One-dimensional approaches to performance management, even if values are incorporated, fail to provide an accurate depiction of the true culture and value alignment of an individual, team, and organization. Healthy, high-performing employees are attracted to healthy organizations and will LEAVE an unhealthy one. Unhealthy organizations attract unhealthy employees and breed more before eventually being eliminated from the marketplace.

Measuring and coaching to performance and core values as a two-dimensional concept provides the clarity both leaders and employees need to make business decisions that actually result in a high performing team.

Join us in this session for a breath of fresh air and learn how the Performance-Values Matrix transforms performance management into a much simpler, and more effective process that people actually enjoy.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. What is the Performance Values Matrix and how it can be used to improve coaching conversations
  2. How to clearly define performance and behavioral criteria in your performance management software
  3. How to use data to gain insight into your organization’s overall health and make business decisions that help create a performance culture.

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