Are You Micro-Managing Employees?

It’s a manager’s job to help employees understand their roles, performance expectations and the purpose of the company and its core values. MANAGER TIP:  If your employees don’t get it, ask yourself if you’ve done a fair job explaining what’s expected and why your company exists.  If you have explained this and your employee still doesn’t get it, why are you letting the employee stay? EMPLOYEE TIP:  If you’re unclear of expectations or don’t understand what success looks like for your position, request a meeting with your manager to discuss these items. Good managers will gladly accept this meeting request.


The most successful employees are in positions they want.  A position they enjoy and are motivated to do their best.  Employees want positions they can do well in and work for a company they like and a manager they respect.  Often times you can have a good person working at the wrong company or in the wrong position.

MANAGER TIP:  Managers should understand what their employees’ personal goals are and find ways to align the company goals with the employee goals.  Sometimes this isn’t possible.  You may have a good person working at the wrong company or in the wrong position.  Good managers will encourage employees to pursue their goals whether it’s inside your organization or elsewhere.  Employees will be more loyal in the long term.

EMPLOYEE TIP:  Don’t settle.  You and the organizations you work for are better off when you are in a job you want.  If your current job isn’t your “ideal” job, think about what jobs will help you get there.  It’s also important to think about how you balance your personal goals with your career.  You may find the job you are in is the one you really want at this point in your life.  Expressing that gratitude to your employer goes a long way.


Managers and employees should be intellectually honest with themselves when it comes to the required skills, knowledge and behaviors to perform jobs.  While you may be in a position you want and understand what’s required, you or your employees may not have the capacity to do the job.

MANAGER TIP:  Do your employees have the capacity to do the job well?  If not, will experience or training help?  If not, you likely have the wrong person in the position.

EMPLOYEE TIP:  Do you have the skills, experience and required behaviors to do well in your position?  If not, what professional development objectives should you set for yourself?  Would you be better suited in a different career?

Performance Culture (Performance Management Software) provides Performance Review Templates to help each team member clearly understand expectations and provides a platform for managers to coach their employees.  Implementing Performance Culture within your company will ensure you have team members who GET IT, WANT IT, and HAVE THE CAPACITY TO DO THE JOB.  When this happens, the need to micro-manage goes away!  Managers and employees will both be very thankful.

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