Guest Blogger: Jessica Quinlan of Home Instead Senior Care on Growth, Accountability, and Leadership

My name is Jessica and I am the General Manager for a Home Instead Senior Care franchise.


When I began my current role there was a lot of uncertainty. There was no framework for accountability, morale was low, and business was down. I knew that the business owners had built an amazing reputation and business in the community. They were committed to building a solid team who were committed to the mission and values of the organization. But they were also missing a leader and were searching for someone to help.


I have always thought of myself as a fixer so when the leadership opportunity presented itself I jumped on it right away.


I am a nurturer by nature and a people pleaser. I love helping people grow and achieve success. This was the perfect place for me! I thought: “All they need is someone who will care and listen. They need someone fun and supportive.”  I was wrong!  I quickly realized that no matter how positive and supportive I was I could not fix everyone.


As I began holding people accountable for their actions and behaviors it became clear who embraced personal accountability and who did not.  This was challenging but necessary to build the right team. As soon as I started increasing my level of accountability through feedback and weekly meetings a real team started to develop and a great culture began to form.  Then something magical happened…our business started to grow!!!  The saying “If you build it, they will come” never became so real for me.  When you have the right people in place, good things happen.


Our growth kept increasing and then I found myself overwhelmed with managing this growth and day-to-day operations.  I spent most days trying to keep everyone grounded and from stressing out.


I stopped having weekly meetings because we were so busy and I felt bad adding one more thing to their plate and mine.  Business was still booming but I found myself getting frustrated with mistakes.  Discord began to surface within the team.  My direct reports were multiplying and so was my stress level.


Then I met Melissa and Dallas who introduced me to the Performance Culture System.


The timing could not have been more perfect.  The Performance Management Software allowed me to regain control of my team’s performance, identify areas where they were excelling, and pinpoint areas of needed development.  It also allowed me to assess myself and learn how I needed to be a better leader.  I began taking things off my plate and identified other leaders within the organization who could help.


Through one on one meetings and 90 day coaching sessions I have been able to identify leaders and create development plans for them.  More importantly Performance Culture has improved my personal accountability.  I keep my weekly meetings with my team and no longer allow the whirlwind of the day to interfere.  I am now consistently using the Leadership Planning Agendas to help me stay on task and follow up on action items.


Overall, I am a better leader and my team is performing better.  When I stopped holding my team accountable consistently the balance was disrupted and it started affecting our culture.  I have learned to never underestimate the power of feedback and accountability.  People want to know where they stand and as a leader you need to make sure they are in the right place.  It is up to them to fill the right place and for you to support them in that journey.

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