A Framework to Assess Organizational Effectiveness

I recently had a conversation with fellow business coaches that focused on organizational effectiveness.  During this conversation, David Levesque* shared a performance review framework that helps leaders understand how well their organization is performing. This framework identifies and eliminates gaps in six core areas. These areas include:


1.  The layers of leadership (vertical alignment)

  • Have you identified the right roles / seats for your organization?

2.  The managers and their direct reports (manager competency)

  • How well do your managers lead their teams?
  • Are your employees engaged or disengaged?

3.  All the departments in the value chain (silos)

  • How well do your departments work together?

4.  Each department and their customer delivery capability (customer satisfaction)

  • Are you delighting your customers?
  • Is each team member focused on customer satisfaction?

5.  People’s adoption and understanding of leadership strategies (strategy deployment)

  • Do you have a clear strategy that is understood by all?
  • Does everyone understand your Unique Value Proposition?

6.  A clear plan to achieve a high performing organization (prioritization and execution)

  • Are your prioritizing your action plans / initiatives?
  • Are you limiting the number or priorities so you can focus on what is most important?

If you are looking for a powerful agenda for your next leadership team meeting, you may want to consider adding these six areas to your agenda.

If you want to explore how we can help facilitate this meeting and/or coach your team, we would love to hear from you.

*David Levesque, is a Business Coach and the owner of The Alternative Board franchise located in Rochester, NY.